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Live or Recorded Music?

Budgetary considerations are always important when planning a wedding (see pricing information). Using recorded music instead of live musicians is one way of keeping costs down. Below are some disadvantages of doing that as well as some suggestions should you decide to use recorded music.

Disadvantages of recorded music:

Live music will help to set the mood for your ceremony far better than recorded music. Your guests will enjoy seeing the musician(s) perform as well as hearing them.

Live music can be adjusted by an experienced musician to accommodate any situation. As an example, if there are still a number of guests waiting to be seated and all of the prelude music has been played, a live musician should be able to add music with no difficulty.

Probably the largest disadvantage of recorded music is the timing aspect. A live musician should be able to time the music of entrances so that there is very little (if any) delay for one song to end and another to start. The ending of a song in conjunction with someone reaching their place for the ceremony (such as the bride or bridesmaids) is much easier with live music.

Live music should not run out. If an entrance takes longer than expected a live musician will be able to continue playing so that no one comes down the aisle in silence.

Suggestions for using recorded music:

If possible, use CDs instead of tapes. It eliminates the delay of rewinding and fast-forwarding.

Use the best sound system possible. Some churches have excellent sound systems. Other times, a small CD or tape player may be the best option available.

The songs for entrances should always be longer than needed so that no one comes down the aisle in silence. If they are too long, they can be faded out (slowly, please) once someone reaches their position. With a CD player, the next song can immediately be selected.

If using tapes instead of CDs, use separate cassettes for each entrance song. By doing this, the tape for the next song can be popped in quickly without having to fast forward. This helps quite a lot with the fadeout mentioned above.

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