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Please note that what follows is a very general discussion of music costs. Please do not use this as any type of quote either for Phil or any other musician. Costs can vary depending on everything from geographical region of the country to amount of rehearsal time.

When paying a musician, you are not only paying for the time required for the wedding itself; you are also paying for experience, research, practice time, consultation time, and travel time. Some musicians may charge extra for these in an itemized way, others may charge a more inclusive price.

Music for a wedding usually starts in the $200 range per musician. Unfortunately even if a musician only plays or sings one or two songs, they will almost always charge full price because the same amount of time is required.

Some things that can increase the cost of a musician (certainly not a complete list):

Providing equipment (often necessary in places that don't have musical instruments or in an outdoor wedding). The cost of the musician providing equipment is usually far less than the cost of renting equipment from a music store.

Travel distances and times.

Purchasing printed or recorded music for the wedding (although many musicians may already have much of the music needed).

Arranging music for a specific combination of instruments or voices.

Playing at the rehearsal.

Playing at the reception.

Do not hesitate to be up front with musicians that you are talking to about pricing. A professional will not be offended if you choose not to use their services whether it's because of cost or some other reason. Some alternatives that may reduce cost are using recorded music (please see the "Live or Recorded Music?" page on this site); using student musicians (try checking with music departments of local schools); or using friends. Please be aware that these alternatives may have some disadvantages and may not provide the quality that an experienced, live musician will provide.

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