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From many years and hundreds of weddings, these suggestions may help you with your wedding and wedding music. The most important thing about a wedding is that you are committing your life to someone you love. Although you want everything to be as lovely as possible on your wedding day, the music, the flowers, the food, and everything else are simply surroundings to a beautiful expression of love.

Your wedding is yours to plan and do as you please. People that you hire to help you should have suggestions based on their experience, but you should never feel pressured to follow their suggestions. Prelude music usually starts 30 minutes before the time of the ceremony. If you have guests that arrive early, it is a nice touch for the musician to start playing early (within reason). Usually, eight to nine songs can be played during the prelude.

Feel free to plan and work with the musician at whatever level you are comfortable. Some couples have every detail of the music worked out; other couples will say "We don't whatever you think will sound best"; and most couples are somewhere in between. A good musician with wedding experience should be able to take any level of input from the bride and groom and use that to create a beautiful wedding atmosphere. It is very unwise to hire a musician that you have not heard play in person -- and preferably at another wedding (although that may not always be possible).

When music is being used for an entrance -- as in the attendants or the bride -- it is the musician's responsibility to time the music appropriately. They should never stop the music until those entering are completely in place. Almost any combination of music can be made to work together. Pop, light classical, light country, and other styles can all be interwoven during the prelude music. There can also be any mixture of songs that are just instrumental with songs that are sung.

There are times when people request very "unique" songs (something very much out of the ordinary) for their wedding that may be out of the musician's comfort range or that may not be possible on a particular instrument. Let your musician know about the possibility of this type of song as soon as possible in case alternate arrangements need to be made.

Music during the ceremony provides a very special moment. This can be done when the bride is given away, during the lighting of the unity candle, or at any other time during the ceremony. Don't overdo this or pick a song that is too long. Remember that the bride and groom (as well as the attendants) have to stand up in front of everyone during that song.

Rehearsals never go as smoothly as people normally think they will. It is usually best to know before the rehearsal how you want people placed, how you want the attendants entering, and what you want to happen during the ceremony. If people that are in the wedding party start giving opinions on what should happen during the wedding, it can lead to awkward situations.

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